Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai) Lighthouse


Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai) Lighthouse marks the Hondeklip Bay coastline to incoming naval ships and boats. The beam of light emitting from the lighthouse warns incoming ships passing along the West Coast when there is imminent danger.

The new white and red tower of the Hondeklip Bay lighthouse was constructed in 2006 to replace the old stilt structure that originated in 1936. As the first tower of the Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai Lighthouse was only an eight meter high steel lattice tower, it was often described as a rickety lighthouse on stilts.

Some interesting information on the Hondeklip Bay lighthouse:
Candlepower:2 000 C.D.
Character of Light:Group flashing, three every 15 seconds
Range:11 sea miles
Structure:circular concrete tower painted white with a black painted top
Type of Light: Revolving Electric

It is an easy and short walk to the Hondeklip Bay lighthouse. Please note that the lghthouse can only be viewed from outside (no fees charged).

Blue skies and red lights

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