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Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai) Lighthouse


Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai) Lighthouse marks the Hondeklip Bay coastline to incoming naval ships and boats. The beam of light emitting from the lighthouse warns incoming ships passing along the West Coast when there is imminent danger. The new white and red tower of the Hondeklip Bay lighthouse was constructed in 2006 toRead More …

Driving around Hondeklip Bay/Hondeklipbaai


Driving around Hondeklip Bay/Hondeklipbaai: One of the best ways to explore the region around Hondeklip Bay (Hondeklipbaai) is to get into your car (preferably a 4 x 4 vehicle) and drive all along the coastline. Whether you head south or north, you will find great views, small beaches, fully equippedRead More …

Aristea Shipwreck (1945)


Aristea shipwreck, Hondeklipbaai. The Aristea was a fishing trawler for I&J until she was called into duty in WWII as a minesweeper. The Aristea met her unfortunate end on the rocks outside Hondeklipbaai after her captain drunkenly neglected his duties. The Aristea was built in 1934 in Scotland and she ranRead More …

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